A call for partnership application

Dear reader

I’m excited to share with you a synthesis of my humanitarian project, as I will be soon looking for partnerships.

We are all ready to go full steam for sure, mama earth is calling for new awakened teams to honor her and Us, her legacy.

It’s coming, I am ready!

If you are seduced by my project below, please feel free to get in touch with me for any question, inquiry or details you may need, I will be glad to share them with you.

I could even host you some days for a full immersion in my beautiful land in the south ouest France.

I look forward to cross the path of some awakened kindred soul and start to dream together again.

In the meanwhile I wish a beautiful now moment wherever you are.

Aloha and so much Love!





Out of the grid and ecologically responsible safe haven for Regeneration and Healing, dedicated to awakening the Creative Power within, conducive to Creation, personal Growth, Elevation of Consciousness and to the Liberation of the individual.

For this purpose I purchased a 19ha of land in a pristine valley in the South Ouest France , in the Lot department , 3 years ago, with a house, barn, facilities


Humanity suffers because it has long forgotten where it comes from and why , and what it means to be alive and thrive on Earth, together , under those constant fundamental Life Principles  which will become the foundations of this project: 1) Growth 2) Nourishment 3) Healing 4) Protection 5) Fulfillment of need 6) Work prompted by Love 7) Survival 8) Rhythm 9) Law and Order



The Settlement is designed to nurture a profound process of healing and integration, aiming to deliver cutting-edge alternatives in healing and self-care:

a) Harnessing the healing power of Water inspired by the works of Schauberger and Jeanne Rousseau – double vortex hydrospire tub, water healing for the physical and eterical body, to release and transform cellular memories preventing our evolution.

b) Creation of a network of living light/water (for humans and lands – the gardens and orchard, informing the river nearby when exiting the land, down to the sea… )  together with a well experienced technology of alchemical transformation of wastewater into informed drinking water.

c) Sound therapies

d) Education, Spiritual teachings by bringing together complementary groups of extraordinary individuals actively creating change in the world.

e) Shamanic practices, work-shops and trainings for the body, soul and spirit.

f) MedBed if and when available


With a clear vision of the more beautiful life I believe is possible, I want to unite to create it together with others like minded souls. One or two more individuals to inspire, challenge and support each other,  so to harness together the exponential capacities of the collective to produce tangible outcomes.


Aiming to a 100% Autonomy. Providing new technologies for the production of clean and renewable energy


Sustaining ourselves while protecting our environment. This practice guides us in all we do in design, architecture, agriculture, technology, education, and wellness. Nature is an open book of knowledge. This will include : 1) Maintenance of cultivated land (about 1.5 ha): vegetable garden and orchard, dryer . 2) Maintenance of uncultivated land (about 17ha): forest, river, fields . 3) Collecting and processing wild plants for food, medical remedies, beauty … 4) Bees!


1) Developing and refurbishing the Reception and residential area for 10 to 20 guests, creating sustainable autonomous wood housing whose forms and shapes will follow the universal geometric and mathematical principles of harmony and wellbeing ; 2) Renovation of the raw track to the site -2km accessible only by 4×4-; 

3) Creation of a visitor access parking area; 4) Main house access renovation  and minor accesses to the secondary dwellings; 5) Dojo, practice room and workshops renovation and refurbishing, SPA , Hydrospire bathtub room, sanitary facilities120m2 in existing barn – ; 6) Storage facilities ; 7) Creation of a laboratory, arts & crafts, transformation, renovation, prototyping, and inspiring / innovative projects ( 20/30 m2 )


The overall projects and its activities are meant to be experienced and shared as an open-source forever evolving knowledge free to all  to follow/implement/build wherever it’s needed : the motto being « start local, grow outward »


The creative power needed for all the different activities on sites requests builders, experts in water alchemy and technology, services providers, professionals of well-being, health, personal development, communication supervisor, administration team etc ( housing, energy technologies,  lands…), with a constant follow-up and the handling of structures and systems in linear time.


Philanthropy will underlie all of our efforts to serve the local community. Opportunities for sustainable, respectful philanthropy are available to all guests and team members as part of the journey to heightened self awareness through human connection

……….and more for sure!

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