Welcome to a New Rising💫
🦁FOCUS🙏Faith-Inner Knowing🌈Freedom💫

We are of the Divine
Of the Cosmos
Of the Infinite
Our Essence is Love

We are of the Stars
Our chemical make-up
Is of the Stars
We are Star Dust.

We are Human
We Thrive with Connection
With Caring Connection
With Friends

To Listen
To be Heard
To Laugh
To Explore
To Touch
To Express
To Cry
To be Nurtured
To Nurture
To Create
To Explore

Our Essence is Love

Today We Unite
Today We Come Together
With Friends Old and New

We have turned to face the danger and the trauma.
We are speaking out for safety, health, and freedom.

Caring Connections in Action
True Friendship

We have activated a part of us that has been asleep.
We are breaking through
multiple illusions to stand in our SOULFORCE to do what we need to do to offer
what we can give to help
To be a unique part of the whole.
An Awakening Movement of old and many new friends known and unknown embracing the emerging Light that can not be stopped.

We stand in Courage,
Freeing never used abilities of bravery strength and boldness. In full faith, knowing, and belief in SOULFORCE. Offering Caring Connection in the Solidarity within Freedom.

We are of the Light.
We are of the Stars.
We are Stardust.
Our friends are Stardust.
Our Essence is Love.
Our friends Essence is Love.

Stand, Reach out to a friend
In your unique Truth.
Your Love.
(Includes animals)

“ …this is how we begin to remember. This is how we dance each other home.”
-jamie wheal-

🙏Ilizabeth🌈 – [email protected]

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