Shebear Festive Message

For some, this time of year is not all that joyous. It may bring back painful memories of loved ones lost, great disappointments or drunken mistakes.

Humanity has been put under so much pressure to spend out on superficial items that do not really mean anything if the are not backed by love.

Families that are scrimping and scraping to just survive this time of year are bombarded with adverts from all areas. “Got to have the latest this”, “They will love you more if you buy them this trinket” and “Eat this food because that what we do at this time of year!”

Well, I say “No”, I have said “No” for many years. I left my young children with their father so I was able to go and find the true authentic me. Yes it wasn’t the norm, however for those who know me there is nothing ‘Norm’ about me. I may have been judged by my friends and family, I do not really know and as they say “It’s none of my business what they thought of me”. I was in a dark place conforming to convention and it took me down into illness – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME.

We came to the festive arrangement that I have the children at Winter Solstice/Yule/21st December and they are with their dad at Christmas. This suited me as occasionally we were invited to Yule gatherings by my Pagan friends. Also I wasn’t in a position to buy my sons extravagant presents, all I was able to promise them is that we will have fun. Daddy was able to buy them the expensive presents anyway.

We went to the woods and lite candles, thanking Mother Nature for the variety of her seasons. We thanked her for the dark, restful evenings and for the fact that, from Yule onwards the daylight got longer and longer. We blissed the sleeping trees, that had shed their leaves and were conserving their energy for their blast of blossom in the coming spring. Above all, we thanked Mother Nature for keeping us fit and well, providing us food and shelter and for us being able to have fun!

Some people have asked what my favourite Christmas song is. After some consideration I came up with “Last Christmas” from Wham.

There are a few reasons why:

  • We have all given out hearts away and being humanitarian we will continue giving our hearts away. However, we need to give our hearts to ourselves, love ourselves first, if we cannot love ourselves and receive love for ourselves first, we will not be able to give and receive love from others. We need to “give it to someone special” and we are that someone special.
  • This will be the “last Christmas” as we know it, as this over commercialised, binge fest that it has become. In the New Year, we will be living in abundance, so every day will be like Christmas. The gadgets we so desperately yearn for will be readily affordable any day of the year. We can get back to the tradition of peace on Earth and good will to all Men (women and children). A new era where everyone has all the necessities they requires – food, shelter and security.

I hope you and your (soul) families have a wonderful festive period. I wish all of you heart centred humanitarians a smooth redemption (whenever it comes along), as well as an abundant and productive New Year.

Love and hugs, Shebear

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