Redemption Guidelines

Please note: Use your own discernment with all this information we cannot guarantee it is 100% accurate.

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Cheat Sheet From Nick Fleming

Below is the downloadable Redemption Cheat Sheet PDF from the INTERNATIONAL GROUP on Telegram run by Nick Fleming and associates. Please remember a lot of work has been put into this and it is just a guideline for the USA and is subject to change.

Project Proposal Template

Before you use this template please note the following:

This template has been created with the help of the above cheat sheet, other information, Shebear’s discernment and intuition. It is a guideline only and may not resonate with your heart.

NOTE: You need to convey your message like an elevator pitch in maybe 1 or 2 mins. Short – Concise – Sale & Scope

Project Proposal Cover sheet

Other Resources From QFS 2020 Website

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Remember your security is at risk at all times, this includes getting to and from your appointment, social media and all electronic devices, make sure to consult with a cybersecurity expert as well as purchasing a “non internet ” type phone until this is all set up.
We are told that no devices will be allowed in your appointment be prepared, do not have important information left on your phone that you might need to show them
Bring a small notebook to write down questions with 2 Blue pens, small sticky notes, your glasses, calculator or anything else you might need
Copies of your currency spreadsheet with all notes faced forward, seperated by country and denominations (serial numbers if possible) ( photos work), don’t forget your appointment persons copy. When you call to make your appointment only tell them which countries currency/bonds you hold, Do NOT tell them how much or if you have alot. If you hold Zim, get into your appointment as fast as you can
Get notarized copies, a few clean and clear letters from bank.
but get copies of EVERYTHING you sign, you do have a few days in which to dispute what you have signed with your lawyer/CPA etc.
Read twice before you sign anything as well as your NDA, ask about all the does and donts
Check ALL emails (don’t want to miss that special email)
Collect everyone’s information or business cards you come in contact with, write down their names if cards not available, where you are, time etc
Keep eyes on your currency/bonds at all times, do not let them walk out of the room or let them out of your site
If you use the banks trust make sure
your Trust name should be inconspicuous, do not include the word “Trust”
You’ll need a PO Box that has a physical address, this will also be the address used for your Trust.
You only need to show the bank the first and last page of your Trust (but take it all) they only need to see all parties involved and the notary
Set up TODs or PODs for each account (Transfer/Payable On Death) you can have different TODs/PODs per accounts (have all their personal information with you) f you do not have a trust
Remember to ask nicely
for contract rates for your projects (interest bearing accounts if you want structured payout) interest accounts can be used for the banks projects without your consent (QFS might be different)
Have a list of Cashiers check you will need with exact amounts and names of those you wish to give to or have things you wish to purchase within 90 days, make sure you have that list and amounts needed
Make sure all transactions are copied and have gone into your accounts, also place extra insurance on all accounts over $250,00 (banks should pay, but ask) make sure you don’t pay a spread fee, or negotiate that rate, you are in control
Request ALL accounts are for top personnel only and not to be used for training purposes
Ask for a “facial recognition camera free” room
Your Currency/bonds are NOT investment (you don’t want to be taxed)
Get a print out copy of all transactions that were done at your appointment

Set up a main Trust account with as many sub accounts you need for your different currency /bonds
Close that main Trust account (only) soon after your appointment and open a new Trust account to receive a new bank account number so the link can not be re used
Real-time on-site verification
Instant deposit credit with immediate access to funds with paper copy of verification
Follow up appointment with wealth manager / private banker of your choice
Privileged atm card (no Fee) No RFID,
Book of Checks (10) but not sugested (paper trail)
Proof of funds letter (10)
Copy of signed NDA ( Banker sign too)
Complete notary service
10,000 in cash (stay under the tax limits)
Bank to provide a team to include:
Tax attorney
Wealth Manager
Financial planner
Private Banker
Research before you use any banks personal
Flag all accounts as

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