New Rising – Ilizabeth Fortune

🌟Welcome to a New Rising🌟Merry Christmas🌿♥️🌿
💫Merry Christ Mas 🌈🕊🌈
I have loved this image of Lynn Bywaters as representative of me and my work with the Divine.🙏

I share with you at this turning point in our Living Here with Earth. As the significance of timings as solar / lunar eclipses, Winter Solstice, Christmas, Christ Mas, January 6 (Epiphany), January 7 (Christmas in the Julian calendar) Truths are being revealed……
The real actions we are to take personally within our Soul are being pushed!🕊💫🕊Big Time🌟
Like something is going to be happening very soon, calling us to be aware and ready. Ready to serve, serve the Earth and Humanity – with each of our Lights- in a way like never before.

Are you feeling the increase of light Frequency? -the urgency to be ready and aware? This is in addition to the light increase after the Winter Solstice.
I am reminded of President JFKennedy’s call
in the 1960’s for the New Human, to Ask not for what
Your Country could do for you, rather Ask what you can do for your Country.
I was so drawn to Kennedy and being a New Human, I dismissed my college graduation to join the Peace Corps.

Throughout 2020 and 2021 I have felt the Kennedy dreams being played out. Today as I send my prayers and presence to you for your joy, laughter, and connection with loved ones, I am also feeling the call for the New Human intensify – this time with an empowered excitement of a new ‘Golden Age’that honors all those who have lost their lives and suffered so- and begins a Healing , a re- education, a rebuilding of a earth/world led by the new conscious human ; by humanity for humanity and for Earth.

Each of us will turn our back on our short comings, stand tall in our convictions of Truth and Freedom, and walk forward with our Light as a New Human.

Really who we have always been🙏💫😇💫🙏

If you could create something with your LIGHT that would help/ serve others/ animals/ Earth-; – What would it be?
Love who you are – the real you INSIDE.
That is the YOU I LOVE-

There are brighter Christmas’s ahead.
I hear you say : I AM THAT I AM
You are sent ROSE GOLD for your Conscious MerKaBah
You you are sent EMERALD GREEN for your rooted spine centered in your KNOWING

with Great Love, Ilizabeth

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