NO 800# or bank emailing you.

The Alliance has created a website housed on the Quantum Computer. When it is turned on you can access the web address on your computer or other devices you use to access the internet.  Many Intel providers such as Dinar Chronicles, will be given the web address when it is time to make your Redemption Appointment. (As well as HumaniPro, who will email it to registered members) 

You will type in your Country name, your location information like a US Zip Code, and your email address. 

The site will then email you a local phone number to call and make your appointment. The return email will also include a copy of the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This is your copy of the NDA. Do not sign it prior to the Redemption Appointment. You signature must be validated befor the Interviewer.

You do not have to sign the NDA prior to the Appointment because the essence of the non-disclosure will not be finalized until you receive your funds. The NDA is a two way agreement binding you and those who you bring with you, (close friend(s) or family member(s), if any and the Appointment Interviewer. All parties to the NDA must sign the NDA in the presence of the other signers. Each will attest to and act as the witness to  the signatures of the others. This will be a legal document that delineates things you can not disclose to anyone not specifiied in the agreement and the punitive actions that may be taken against the offender. 

The Quantum Computer cannot be overwhelmed with bad actors and will block all inquiries from unsavory characters. The Alliance will know who you are, so you are safe with what you receive. Only Humanitarians and potential Humanitarians will redeem Zim Bonds. Non-Humanitarians or computer programs need not apply, you will be ignored or blocked.

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