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Shebear is a Life Coach, Tutor, Mentor, Healer, Author and Website developer. She has been helping people free of charge since April 2021. It is her passion to help humanitarians to get their funding and to provide on-going support with their project.

The HumaniPro Support Membership will be providing business/project/personal coaching in a supportive group setting as well as discounts for one to one sessions. Where everyone is heard and supported along with additional coaching processes to help drive you forward to success. Zoom replays will also be provided so you can catch up.

The HumaniPro Support Membership is only for those who want support with mindset, planning and implementing their projects. (It is not mandatory, everyone registered on HumaniPro website will still get the SafeLink notification email)

Once we hit the RV the Zim Friends will be archived, however, the HumaniPro Community Telegram group will stay as well as the HumaniPro Services group.

The website will still have relevant information on it however the replays and the RV related information will be removed once we have got our funding. The website will be for those who want to list their projects so others can connect with them and for the HumaniPro Support Membership meetings, courses and information.

The cost of this membership is £20 per month which can be cancelled any time. There are concessions for the low waged. Please do not hesitate to ask.

This month’s dates for the HumaniPro support zoom meetings are:

  • Thursday 7th October at 7pm BST/UK
  • Wednesday 13th October at 7pm BST/UK
  • Tuesday 19th October at 7pm BST/UK
  • Wednesday 27th October 7pm BST/UK

To join please log in and Choose Join Membership from the Member Area of the menu.

Instructions for attending the Zooms will be emailed to members a few days before the meetings.

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