Getting started on your Zim Journey

So it’s been recommended that you talk to Shebear, however you can help yourself by following these simple steps:

  1. Register free on so you get notifications of the blog posts and the important Safelink website, which will be explained in the videos.
  2. Watch a few videos from It is recommended that they are an early one (April/May) initially, then one from June/July and then a more recent one.
  3. Get a Zim Note, eBay sell them. Make sure it has AA at the start of the serial number and it is from 2008.
  4. Complete the template from
  5. Read
  6. Make a list of any things you are not sure about, and then arrange a 1 to 1 meeting with Shebear via this link: One to One Zoom Meeting
  7. Tap into your spiritual guides and THINK BIG!!
  8. Join the HumaniPro Support Membership for extra coaching, collaboration and connection. The link is:
  9. Wait for an email that tells you about the Safelink Website.

Please pass this information onto anyone else you feel will benefit from it.

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