Cease and Desist Notification

Want to help serve Cease & Desist Orders to local government, organisations, hospitals, police, schools, public transportation or companies who have been breaking natural and universal human rights with restrictions and illegal regulations during the lockdown?

Step 1: Join Europe_Cease & Desist Group https://t.me/joinchat/7T7X_cDOXtw5NTgx

Step 2: Download this attached Cease and Desist Document

Notes: Serving a business or any entity with Cease and Desist Order.
There is no discussion needed.
When you arrive ask for someone in charge and hand them the document.
Just say, “you’ve been serve” and leave the premises
Then, take note of the address and name of the business and date you served them.
It’s up to them to comply or not.
For other Countries, you can remove my Titles from the document and replace it whomever is in charge in your Country working with the Whitehats and Allied Forces and sign it as “We The People”

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