Appointment Preparation

** Please note that this information is not 100% guaranteed accurate and you need to use your discernment when reading it. We need to Thank Stu for compiling it for us.**

Preparation For The Appointment

  • 2 forms of ID – any (not all needed). Driver’s license, Passport, birth certificate, marriage license, voter ID, photo ID (work/Costco)
  • 2 proofs of residency in form of utility bill, phone, mortgage, etc
  • 2 blue ink pens
  • Currency organized by type and by denomination & all facing the same way
  • Did you make a list of all your serial numbers or make copies of all your currency?
  • Spouse/ Family/ Friend? Either is fine – or None

Are You a Humanitarian seeking Higher Contract Rate?

  • Bring your Elevator ‘speech’ [3 min], projecting you as a sovereign Humanitarian & your 1 to 3 pg outline of projects. Take copies for the Redemption Centre. Unknown if you can do that at 1st appt. Some say yes. Others say no – 2nd appt. Be prepared either way.
  • List of your questions to ask
  • Your Addendum (for NDA) – list of persons you wish to talk w/ openly
  • List of items/people you’ll need fund
  • Name for the skeleton trust. NOTE: do NOT use ‘Trust’ in the name
  • 10/30/90 Day Plan e.g.
    • 10 day… include Health Emergencies or Housing Emergencies and/or request Proof of Funds Letter for immediate property purchases (only)
    • 30… List all the ppl you want to help, beginning with family/friends. Make it as big as you want
    • 90… What upsets you about the world we live in? Injustices? What would you like to fix or improve if you could? Dream big!
  • A peaceful, grateful, loving attitude & your inner light shining brightly


  • Print off these pages!
  • 2 plastic wallet/ pocket to hold your documents. Possibly one for your pens, calculator, ID and documents that you will take away and another for holding the notes/ documents that you will leave
  • Digital Recorder? May be helpful so you don’t miss anything
  • NO cell phone 📵 allowed.
  • A watch to keep track of time
  • Sticky notes
  • Reading glasses
  • List of your notes and serial numbers, by currency (photocopy works). Ask for this to be ticked-off when they check your notes
  • Make a note of any important details that might be on your phone that you will need at the meeting
  • Routing & Account numbers if you wish to have them transfer *some* funds directly to your existing account, time permitting.

At The Appointment

  1. Ask for a “facial recognition camera free” room
  2. Make a note of the time. Collect business cards (contact information) from those you interact with OR take down their name/phone number as well as the location of their regular headquarters or regular branch office. Some of your exchanges may not be happening at a traditional bank office.
  3. Keep eyes on your currency/bonds at all times, do not let them walk out of the room or let them out of your sight.
  4. Serial Number sign off. If you did list all of your serial numbers for each currency or if you made copies of the bills, ask the Bank Mngr or Official to sign off on each page. This confirms that you indeed entrusted each note to this individual for exchange/redemption of funds and that each note is safely accounted for in your QFS account(s).
  5. Get a Certificate of Funds (receipts). Request the bank to confirm & approve the amounts of cash you have on hand. This should be immediate with the currencies. If you have Zim, there will be a scheduled payout. Tranched over time. Make certain you ask for this in writing to increase your understanding. Ask that either the Bank Mgr or official to sign off on that.
  6. Read twice before you sign anything as well as your NDA, ask about all the does and don’ts. Bring home a copy of your signed NDA (banker to sign also). Keep quiet don’t tell anyone
  7. Request ALL accounts are for top personnel only and not to be used for training purposes. Accounts are to be “ACCESS RESTRICTED to NON-ESSENTIAL PERSONAL”
  8. Request written instructions on how to access your funds via the Quantum Financial System. This highly secure system will have the capability of housing all your funds and will act as a kiosk service, whereby you may transfer funds to your other accounts or individuals, or withdraw cash using an application, as I understand it – (accessible using Quantum Internet). Similar concept for all countries, globally.
  9. For accessing the QFS account, you should get an individual code with minimum 3 numbers and 5 letters this code will be only yours. Do NOT give it to anyone
  10. Ask how sub-accounts can be opened in the QFS (you’ll need a sub account for each project)
  11. Ask how cheque- writing services can be handled via QFS, going forward.
  12. Do NOT let them open a private bank account for you in the old system (should they ask you to put your money out of the QFS system SAY NO!!!!!!!)
  13. You should receive a debit card with about £10K loaded onto it (1 for each of your currency types). Ensure that the card has no RFID chip.
  14. Collect your personal items such as your ID/Proof of Identity. Leave nothing behind. You’ll be overwhelmed so be extra careful to put items away after you’re done with them at session at verifications point.
  15. Get a print out copy of all transactions that were done at your appointment
  16. Ask about interest rates (around 8% allowed)
  17. Collect copies of all documents as you only have a few days in which to dispute what you have signed with your lawyer/CPA etc
  18. Be clear IF a second appointment is needed, if so ask to set up the time/date/location and don’t leave without knowing your next step.
  19. Request a list of approved independent Wealth Managers and/or Private Bankers in the area whom you can make ongoing appts with, with the idea of protecting your wealth and sustaining multi-generational income to fund your needs/projects. Also keep the lion’s share of the wealth in the QFS and not in a bank account, for increased safety. Going forward, the banks will only have the control over your finances *that YOU CHOOSE to give them*. Period. Be Wise.


  1. Cash. Request the minimum you might need, if this can be accommodated. You also get a debit card
  2. IF purchasing property right away, request a Proof of Funds Letter which you provide to your Realtor.
  3. If you have discussed or requested bank perks, get those in writing. (I personally will choose not to do a lot with the bank. I will be very careful in this regard.)
  4. When you want to fund a project, be discreet. Sign through partners and nobody needs to know who is the owner of your trust

Questions (Some Ideas)

  1. Ask IF a second appointment is needed, if so ask to set up the time/date/location and don’t leave without knowing your next step.
  2. What can I say/ can’t I say about source of wealth?
  3. What do I say is my occupation on forms? For car insurance forms, for example?
  4. Is there guidance around who can/ can’t employ?
  5. Ask how you confirm your Currency/bonds are NOT investment (you don’t want to be taxed)
  6. How do I set up trusts and different type of trusts (revokable and irrevocable)
  7. Can I add persons (such as spouse) to the accounts?
  8. Ask about securing diplomat status
  9. How to set up TODs or PODs for each account (Transfer/Payable On Death) you can have different TODs/PODs per accounts (have all their personal information with you) if you do not have a trust
  10. Request ALL accounts are for top personnel only and not to be used for training purposes
  11. Is there a whitelist of humanitarian projects that I can take away?
  12. Is there a blacklist of people/ companies/ places that I can’t support? And/or a way that I can check
  13. Ask for Details of:
    • Tax Lawyers
    • Certified Public Accountants (
    • Approved Independent Wealth Managers
    • Financial planners
    • Private Bankers
    • Physical Security experts
    • Cyber Security Experts

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