🌟ART of FORGIVENESS🌟 – Ilizabeth Fortune

Divine Guidance and the Angels have Called me to offer an experiential Focus: I am Excited to offer the 🌟ART of FORGIVENESS🌟 for your own expansion, healing, and deepened alignment with the Divine. – Ilizabeth

This is sacred, private, flowing, spontaneous awareness within. A safe, supported, freeing of the Soul and hidden constrictions.

A deepening of love, compassion, gratitude , receiving, vulnerability , alignment with God on levels most likely not experienced before. The Art of Forgiveness is the Art of Living ( Neville Goddard)

Starting on Thurs 1/6/2022 11:00am Pacific, 7pm GMT – Overview of the Art of Forgiveness process.

Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87529361079?pwd=MVhZKzNJSVhEQkdYeDRxYVlBdHlKZz09

Meeting ID: 875 2936 1079
Passcode: tFRdu6

As you have a continuous focus of the Art of Forgiveness in your Consciousness, you are free to move about and do as you choose.

You will be supported in our private Telegram group where I can offer input, read your questions and even support 1:1 should someone desire.
Ilizabeth 🦁🌟🕊🙏🕊🌟🦁

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