Conscious Psychology and Your Choice


Welcome to a New Rising



This sending to you this new day of opportunity is the most IMPORTANT along with Love I have sent to date.🦁

We all would agree that living has altered and we are each being put into positions of choice.🌱

Whatever the choices made, we have perhaps questioned why so many people seemingly  are making choices that create separation, distancing, fear, and more anxiety. 🌱

Why  are people making choices that break up relationships, family, friendships, communities?🌱

What has become more important? 

What is driving this movement?🌱

I have always observed behaviors of humans and animals applying my psychology experience to discern and learn . To then intuitively apply toward desired solution.🌱

This interview is EXCELLENT addressing the  psychology of what is occurring in our very current footsteps as we live upon this beautiful Earth.🌱

This interview may be first heard through and then heard through again taking notes – coming up with more of your own questions.🌱

We are in the process of choosing the values by which we want to live the rest of our lives by.🌈

What is most important is that you affirm the LOVE of

yourself so that you can  intuitively listen to your Heart and Soul and discern your own personal psychology. 🦁

With the Greatest of Love – God Bless🙏🌈💛🌈🙏


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