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We must dream our new world into reality. A sociocratic social system based in core environmental principles and in ‘Law Common to All’ Love, Peace, Truth, Justice, Honour, Mercy, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Cooperation, and Abundance’.

My intention is to:- reimagine and accelerate the development and growth of a new social system, through the creation of a symbiotic network of communities and the creation of an online knowledge sharing platform ‘OneMindCAN’ (Community Abundance Network)

I am also in process of writing a OneMindCAN community handbook (a blueprint and instruction manual) to empower local communities to fast track their own organisation to join the Community Abundance Network (CAN) It will give step-by-step guidance to help communities unplug from the current system, so we can not only become self-sufficient, but so we are able to thrive together as a network, and become physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually resilient to all ‘future shocks’.
Such an ambitious vision needs a strategy, and I have devised a three phase plan. Phase 1 – Project Resilience (present to 2022), Phase 2 Project Abundance (2022 to 2024), and Phase 3 Project Thrive (2025 onwards)

By bringing our coherent hearts and minds together in the higher vibrations of love, and by focusing our collective intention on a detailed vision of what WE want for our collective future, we then create and connect to this vision in the quantum field, activating the law of attraction. This effectively creates a ‘bullet proof vehicle’ (energetically speaking) and a roadmap to help get us there.

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