Nutty Parties Production Trust

Nutty Parties Production Trust
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This will be a project for primarily Children (& animals!), where a theatre/ cabaret space will be set up for children, alongside a cafe/and activity centre. The activity centre will contain art installations that are both tactile and 3D, and good for all abilities to engage with, and allow children to explore their emotional, mental and physical realities and well being, and express themselves through these installations. There will be an emphasis on ‘story’. There will also be a workshop room to impart knowledge about Common Law principles to teenagers and young adults. Alongside this I would like to acquire 150 hectares of land to establish a network of family domains …. Anastasia (Vladimir Megre) style… also focussing primarily on healing the children. There will be access to equipment to help plant trees , build living fences, dig ponds, and workshops to enables us to design these spaces Anastasia style. In an ideal world the theatre/ museum / workshop space would be in the middle of this complex of family domains. The shows for the theatre will be a combination of story, music and song, big costumes, balloon models, bubbles and all things magical!! The children and families can sit at small tables in groups and order their own food whilst watching the show(s).

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