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GAIA Ascension
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Produce & provide the most incredible people, services & environments for attaining the greatest of transformative ascension goals, working from grass roots upwards. Site operations will be built in a way that can accommodate many different education, training, development programs in parallel. Allowing exceptional places & people to come and work together as demand changes over time.
Purchase and holistically develop & maintain [venue/sites] and accompanying land in [area]. From these venue produce the most exceptional spiritual healing & ascension focused programs so the keen & open minded people can experience & elevate their own holistic healing gnosis. Accessing the sacred mystery schools & wisdom bearers at locations suitable for regular & diverse group study & practices scheduled into each sites activity plan. Site acquisition, design, build & operate teams will be developed to make the first blueprint scale & be optimised over time. Sites will include grid work, dousing, clearing as well as contain a mixture of geometries, structure, materials some of which aligned with neighbouring star systems.
Provide outdoor well-being and educational activities to honour the land and reconnect participants to nature, the Universe and to themselves. These activities will include but not limited to:
Bushcraft, woodcraft
Forest school & herb lore, foraging, cultivating, permaculture
Conservation and Holistic Land Management
Common Law & Natural Law & Law of the land
Energetic Healing modalities (mediumship, psychic, hands on & remote healing, reiki, )
Advanced guided meditative practices (de hypnosis, removal of contracts & blocks, soul retrieval, light body, remote viewing, etc.)
DNA & Light body Activation practices
Shamanic retreats
Monastic, sound healing, chant word lore retreats
Darshan & Pranic retreats
Accommodate new healing approaches & technologies such as Ergon chambers & generators, Securely house & operate Med beds as needed and where possible/available.

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