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The humanitarian work, facilitating the communication within community and individuals as the energies and earth processes evolve. I cannot be precise at this moment as to how this work will move forward, by its nature it will be expanding and shifting. The essence of the work as I see it in the present time is to bring community together, promote discussion and openness in the sharing of feelings and emotions in a caring and supported space. This will lead onto the development of heart centred discussion allowing community to blossom into an arena where many elements of the nature of living are discussed and supported. These elements will include personal wellbeing, community wellbeing, community lead expansion of ideas. The central intent of every individual to be held sovereign, equally heard and held in love and respect.
The work is at a seed stage, I am progressing my heart centred work, it will probably involve art and movement, gently freeing the inner being. I feel I was born for this time, my life and previous lives have given me the nourishment (albeit in the form of an extremely difficult and challenging journeying at times, dark nights of the soul, wonderment, joy with eons of self nature discovery.) It feels that as the journeying progresses models may be progressed to be passed on to adjacent communities.

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