Community Centre in South East London

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A Community Centre helping to assist people in the local area with transitioning into the New Earth experience and way of life, offering:
– workshops
– talks
– immersive/interactive learning experiences
– art exhibitions and live music events
– healing/therapies, plus screening i.e. Kirlian aura photography and Electro Dermal Screening (EDS)
– cafe space offering raw food/drink options
– local work opportunities & candidate listings, utilising methodologies such as astrology and The Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator (RHETI) for effective and efficient matching

Subjects covered in talks, workshops and interactive “library” will include:
– Syncretism & cosmology
– principles of energy in living organisms (meridians, healing, heart-brain coherence i.e. “HeartMath”, etc.)
– explaining and simplifying esoteric principles i.e. the Kybalion and the Law of One teachings
– methodologies for regaining motivation and fulfilment, and reducing overwhelm and depression
– how to identify and realign with one’s true purpose
– heart-centred living & business i.e. the act of “Seva” – true service to others

Long term plans include:
– collaborating with the local authority to create effective solutions for improving the cleanliness of local streets and the quality of “affordable” housing, addressing disrepair, damp/mould and unsociable behaviour
– setting up retreats in Europe (The Alps, Hungary), working with the therapeutic properties of thermal waters and the healing energies found at “Attila’s Hill” in Tápiószentmárton, Hungary

United Kingdom
Greater London

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