The Zim Deal

** Please note this information may not be totally accurate and is subject to change. **

ZIM BONDS are REDEEMED, not exchanged. They are only for those wanting to fund Humanitarian projects, NOT for those who are not interested in doing humanitarian work. Your proposed project  will become your mission and  your new job, it will involve  giving back to humanity and helping  to heal the world.

Zim bonds will only be redeemed at a designated Redemption Centre in the UK, you will not be able to redeem them at a bank or anywhere else as they will be worthless. You will find out about where and when bonds can be redeemed via Social media and especially Facebook RV groups and you will be asked to contact them to make an appointment.

At this appointment you will be asked to sign an NDA (Non disclosure agreement) as different humanitarian projects will get different amounts of funding.

Your humanitarian project must include one/some of the following:

  1. Infrastructure/energy                                              8. Agriculture  
  2. International/American business                          9. Oceans and water
  3. Security                                                                     10. Health
  4. Violence/crime                                                         11. Spiritual
  5. American Indian/Refugees                                    12. Terrorist
  6. Housing                                                                    13. Education
  7. Technology/Space                                                   14. Finance
  8.  Agriculture                                                             15. Veterans

You will be able to use this money as you want providing you are using 95% – 99% for humanitarian reasons, specifically the one/s you proposed at the redemption meeting. You will get audited and if it is found you have not used the money for this reason your funding bank account will be frozen. You can also use this money to help other people with their projects. The 1% – 5% you keep for yourself and do whatever you want with there is no need to worry about running out of funds as you’ll get more 90 days later, with your second quarterly payment and further quarterly payments after that.

The funding can be a very large amount so for your safety  it will be put in a  Trust company, firstly, to protect your money and also to protect your identity and to remain anonymous. The amount of funding will be negotiated at the redemption appointment.

Private Banking will be used, like the HSBC Jade bank account for multimillionaires, for example. Then you will transfer funds as required to your working bank account. This account will be set up at the redemption appointment.

All this will be explained to you by your wealth manager that you get assigned to you, who works for the Private Banking service. For most people this will be a major change in their life and it may take some time for it to sink in. The details will be explained to you when you meet with your wealth manager and everything you need will be set up for you within the first 90 days.

The Zim Bonds are being used to bring money into the New World, the Golden Age, the 1000 years of peace and this will be the biggest transfer of wealth ever. Those who have been chosen with this huge responsibility, will be using their gift to help fix this world, to help humanity in ways nobody ever imagined. The 1% will no longer control this world and its people, the 99% will be calling the shots now.

There is to be no investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc. You are to use this money for good and give some away to help others, not think of ways to use this money to make more money.

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