New Project Listing Payment Options

The facility for Listing your Project is only to list it so the public can find you and offer support. It is not a requirement for applying to the redemption centres for funding.

Due to popular demand an alternative payment method had been added. We now take yearly subscription via Stripe using a variety of Credit and debit cards. See screenshot below:

Payment Screen for Listing submission

For those who have created their project listing and wish to pay, please follow these steps:

Log in -> Search for your listing -> choose Edit -> make any changes -> press Next to get to the Payments screen -> choose your payment method -> Pay.

Please note this is a yearly subscription, if you have already paid by PayPal or used a Discount code then you will be charged through PayPal on the anniversary of your listing. You will be warned about this renewal, by email, 5 days prior.

As usual if you have any questions or comments please email [email protected]

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