This website had been created to meet the needs of both humanitarian project organisers and supporters who want to get involved in humanitarian projects and provide services and/or products.

This is an annual subscription site that humanitarian project organisers can submit the details of their project for supporters to browse free of charge. The theory is based on the law of attraction that we will attract what we ask for and this facility will enable heart centred supporters to find, more efficiently, the projects they wish to be involved in.

Those humanitarian project organisers who register on the HumaniPro website, also gain access to our new blog. As new blogs are published they will be notified by email. They will need to log in to view the blogs. These blogs will contain relevant links and information to help members of HumaniPro to develop their Humanitarian Project. We will also publish the Zim Friends Zoom replays in the Blog, so organisers can catch up with them any time.

Shebear Technology is a sub division of Shebear Connection CIC (Registered Company No. 11869865). We aim to empower people with their online technology.

Meet The Team

Sara Shebear is the founder of Shebear Connection CIC and prides herself with empowering others. She is an author, coach, tutor, mentor, teacher and all round talented woman.

Sara is the mind behind this website. Having her own humanitarian project she discovered a need for this facility and decided to create it in a website so others can benefit from it.

Sara Shebear
Rakesh Botle

Rakesh is a website designer and a blogger, specialise in WordPress, HTML, CSS, Graphics. He is located in the Indian office in Mumbai.

Being a blogger he also writes for a technology blog called TechnoidHost.

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